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Why is it worth investing in Hévíz?

Hévíz is the second most popular location in Hungary. The municipality puts the basis of development on tourism. As a recreational resort with more than 200 years of history, Hévíz is visited by multiple hundred thousand guests a year, resulting in over a million guest nights annually. Lake Balaton is only 5 kilometres (approx. 3 miles) away, being another jewel of Hungary.

Regionally, the prices of real estate are stable, or even increasing.

We can distinguish between two categories: one is the case in which we buy easily accessible real estate, the other being a plot with a promise of high returns.

In Héviz and around Lake Balaton, the lease of real estates bring about 7-10 per cents as a return, on a long term basis as well as in the top season.

As interests in Hungary as well as all over mainland Europe are minimal, it is obvious that real estates with a stable value – in the right locality – provide for greater security to the investor.

After thirty years as a private entrepreneur, right now we are working as a joint venture on the territory of Hungary.

After using our experience of many long years, the clients visiting our offices receive the best of service independent of them being a seller, buyer, lesser, tenant or investor who happens to visit our company.

The spectrum of services at our office headquarters in Hévíz reaches out not only to the locality, but nationwide. Our co-workers are at our clients’ disposal on weekends as well as weekdays, the display of the real estates on location is one of our free services.

A specialty of the office is that besides dealing with real estates, it is a lawyers’ office, so legal counselling and preparation of agreements can be dealt with on location. We have access to the database of Hungarian notary offices and we have constant contact with the local authorities. Our fast and precise work of service towards our customers is supported by English, German, Russian and Italian interpreters.

In case one of the real estates at our website has caught your attention, we are looking forward to your call in an e-mail, phone or even via post.

We take full discreet care of our customers’ data and attendance.

Slogan: “YES, WE CAN”

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